Top 10 things you MUST DO on your wedding day!

Get a good night’s sleep
It is the most important day of your life, and also one of the most active and packed. You need to have the energy to go through all of it looking pretty and cheerful, and you will not be able to do that if you have been partying until the morning

Consider your parents
That day is your day, but consider two other people that love you very much, and who you are saying goodbye to, in a way. Sure, they will still be close, but you are their little girl, and it will definitely be hard for them. Talk to them, make them feel nice and help them enjoy that day too.

Drink plenty of water
In all the fuss and hurry throughout the ceremonies, you absolutely must stay hydrated so you don’t faint or get a headache. So don’t forget to drink plenty of water! And eat something too!

Stand in front of mirror
Take a minute for yourself, alone. Stand in front of a mirror. Tell yourself: This is the turning point of my life. I am going on a new journey, and I am ready. It will give you a confidence boost (if you need one) and let you soak in the wonderful feeling.

Remember your wedding vows
You took the time to make them, carefully picked every word to have meaning, now don’t mess it all up by not remembering what you should say when the moment comes. Practice them a couple of times throughout the day.

Wear something crazy
The wedding is a day of procedures, rules, traditions and everyone is on their best behavior. A perfect time for you to be a little crazy, without anyone knowing it (except maybe your husband). Why not wear something crazy like a red sexy thong or some funny Mickey Mouse underwear, so you can act all serious with the people, but have a little secret too. Lots of fun!

You must NOT get drunk
Yes, there will be alcohol flowing in rivers, and everyone will drink, but not everyone is the bride on the day, so you must be 100% all the time. It’s ok to have a drink to loosen up, but a drunken bride is a shameful sight.

Dance with your husband
The two of you are embarking on a wonderful journey and what better way to start it off that with a dance. Take each other into your arms and embrace in the dance and your life together.

All the other things would really have no point without this. It is the easiest thing to do on the list, and also the hardest. But if you are sure of your decision, it will be like saying good morning.

The best day of your life will not be the best if you are not feeling good. So the most important thing that you need to do on your wedding day is – enjoy it!

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